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Yesterday’s Gazeta Wyborcza had an article about the decline of the Irish economy. It’s headlined “Womens’ Spendthriftery Caused The Crisis” and consists of quotable quotes from people affected by the depression in Ireland. Among them is one Newton Emerson, Irish Times columnist, who is quoted as saying “In the majority of marriages it’s the woman who decides about spending. Unlike men, they cannot stand saving and go shopping much more often than men. Their oestrogen runs wild. Women were the driving force leading to Ireland to its downfall. In my opinion sacking women would blunt the effects of the recession. It will reduce their appetite for spending and men will find work which will enable them to maintain families. And they will finally regain their wallets.”

Awful stuff, isn’t it? Too bad GW didn’t do a little background reading. Emerson is a satirist. He published this article way back in February, exciting quite some controversy at the time.
(I used my own translation from the Polish because the words quoted by the GW do not correspond with what is on-line at the Irish Times.)

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