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More Than Meets The Eye – a poem

By Caroline Hurley


Iconic sleeve art for Pink Floyd
Displays a triangular chunk of glass
Alone on a black background,
Dramatically separating a thin straight beam
Into its constituent colours.
The rainbow spectrum.
Inert matter sawed, releasing
More inside than meets the eye.

A sacred structure built in Rome, B.C.,
Was named The Temple of all Divinities,
Where deities were worshipped and integrated
By a multi-cultural empire
Until the grandiose, pillar-borne dome
Was converted into a monotheistic
Seventh-century Catholic Church.

Even now, four thirds of a millennium later,
The displacements and the replacements;
The deviances, accretions and interpenetrations go on
As society’s secular bright sparks
Are fanned in their own Pantheon,
And what’s pressed into the virtual prism
Of an interface may bear as poor relation
To the real or cyber consequences
As an everyday flyby
To a decapitated skyline.

Caroline lives near an Irish bird reserve. Her poems and fiction have previously appeared in other e-magazines including Poetry24, The Electric Acorn and clebran.