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Just Another False Alarm – a poem

By Caroline Hurley

Just Another False Alarm
When the Mayan Long Count Calendar
Dating centuries beetles to a close,
Rumours run rife over earth
That the end of the world is upon us.

Apocalyptic forecasts spring up, old hat;
Nostradamus freely dangled his doomsdays,
And lesser renowned local seers year after year
Deign to persuade with revelations of floods;

Of planet-wide plagues and infernos;
The extinction of life support and sentience;
The Rapture, Singularity, the Bigger Bang:
The devastating and, after all, familiar pang,
Of your heart alarmed and a-quake again
When desire’s dreams of yore vanish from ken.

Caroline lives near an Irish bird reserve. Her poems and fiction have previously appeared in other e-magazines including Poetry24, The Electric Acorn and clebran.