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It’s a long long way from Clare to Honolulu – Surfing in Ireland

Westport, Easky, Strandhill and Bundoran are the most known towns, but driving around you'll definitely discover some beautiful waves. The surfing mad do not stop there, they keep driving north, towards the unknown and unexplored coast of North Donegal, miles and miles of coast line with bad roads and welcoming residents… Northern Ireland is a popular choice too, with Portrush the obvious centre and less welcoming freezing water.

Association of surfers and learning schools have been set up all over Ireland, from land locked counties to big cities such as Dublin and Cork. Surf shops are also starting to appear, and people are being dragged into the scene easily; surfers (boys and girls alike) are cool! Will the surfing scene still be here in 2-3 years time? This is a difficult question to answer but there is definitely a core group of surfing-mad people that you will always find changing in cold parking spots or in hidden farm lanes, or again in the water, regardless of the pouring rain, the cold water and the biting wind. They will always be there for the great feeling of communion with nature, the buzz of the challenge with the sea, the beauty of the scenery and the sense of peace you can get from such extremes conditions.

If you try it is at your own peril, you could get hooked… and I tell you, it is hard to stop.Good waves to everybody.

East Coast Surf Club

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