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Gun Law and Justice

“It’s War,” says today’s Dziennik, referring to further political revelations, machinations and deteriorations of relations in parliamentary politics which I won’t go into here. But there is one intriguing item in the article: once, many years ago, Donald Tusk made fun of Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski’s voice. Kaczy?ski repsonded by pulling a (legally held) gun on Tusk! I don’t use exclamation marks lightly and I had to re-read the sentence several times but yes, Kaczy?ski actually aimed a real gun at Tusk! Could I have misunderstood? It seems not: later on the journalist (Piotr Zaremba) speculates if today Kaczy?ski might have pulled the trigger.

W odpowiedzi Kaczy?ski wyci?ga spod marynarki pistolet… i mierzy w Tuska.

In reply, Kaczy?ski took out a gun from under his jacket… and aimed it at Tusk.

At least Kazimiera Szczuka was only censured and her TV network fined for mocking someone’s voice.

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