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Deja Vu

The Lisbon Treaty vote is coming soon to Ireland, again. To re-cap: France and Holland rejected a planned European constitution so it was repackaged as a more innoccuous sounding treaty, which the Irish then rejected. Three strikes and you’re not out at all at all: the Lisbon treaty is to be voted on again by the Irish in a few days. Back in 2006, after one of the defeats, I mentioned an article in Gazeta Wyborcza by a Judit Kiss in which she blamed – essentially – public relations for the outcome. This time around no chances are being taken: in the Irish debate public relations are already being blamed. Here is an excerpt from a letter by Donncha O’Connell to the Irish Times of September 29th:

Madam, – The contrast between the punchy slogans of Gerry Adams and the compelling logic of Noel Dorr (both in Opinion, September 28th) speaks volumes. In rhetorical terms, it is simply easier to undermine the case for the Lisbon Treaty than to defend it beyond reasonable doubt.

Isn’t it just so unfair! Mr O’Connell is only one of many, many commentators bemoaning how easy it is to agitate for a no vote and how awful it is that the yes campaigners have to spend so much time and effort refuting their opponents’ arguments. He is right, of course. The supporters of the constitution should not have to waste time persuading people to vote for it.

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