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Aleksandra Lojek-Magdziarz writes for the Guardian on Polish matters. She is certainly on top of her brief. Check this out from August 1st: “Are Poles in Britain really starting to go home? Right now, I have no plans to do so, but you never know.” Note the effortless shift from “Poles” to “me.” She continues with the certainty that can only come from tireless, exhaustive, investigative journalism, the kind of relentless foot-slogging and door-stepping that went out when the internet came in: “Everyone who was planning to make their way over already has.” What, everyone? “Everything depends on the reasons why they emigrated in the first place,” she continues. So, nothing depends on what happened to them after emigrating to Britain (marriage, change of heart, discovery of latent anglophilia).

If only I could be so sure of myself. Then again, AL-M’s “English For Dummies” got a good 699 comments and it wasn’t because she carefully tempered her scorn therein of the linguistic abilities of native speakers of English.

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