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Chomsky in Dziennik

In an interview in this weekend’s Dziennik Noam Chomsky says that Hitler, when he invaded Czechoslovakia, claimed he was doing so to bring peace. The Soviets also claimed to have Poland’s interests at heart in the 1940s. The US claimed to be bringing democracy to Iraq. What is the newspaperman’s response?

Imperialna Ameryka niczym się nie różni od nazistowskich Niemiec czy sowieckiej Rosji – to bardzo atrakcyjna teza.
That imperialist America is in no way different from Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia is a very attractive thesis.

Or, by the same masterful use of logic, I differ in no way from Elton John and Johnny Depp since we all have one thing in common: we wear glasses. Well some of us, sometimes. But – hey – it’s probably close enough for Dziennik. Chomsky does not respond to this clumsy smear by Maciej Nowicki, which makes me wonder…


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