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Francesca Panozzo

Black Triangles, Purple Triangles – The Forgotten Holocaust.

Sunday, August 1st, 2004

Shoah isn't the only word that we have to remember when talking about the Nazi Holocaust at the heart of the 20th century, because the Jews weren't the only victims of Hitler's insane project. Political opponents, common criminals, homosexuals, Jehovah's witnesses and gypsies all shared with the Jews that tragic destiny of suffering and death. […]

Memory and the Shoah. To talk or remain silent? From silence to the era of witness.

Thursday, April 1st, 2004

In recent years, we’ve seen an abbundant increase in publications linked to the memory of the Holocaust and an opening of the publishing market to this type of material, thanks to a positive and interested reception on the part of readers. This shouldn’t lead us to believe that this has always been the case. The route that […]