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April Fool’s Day

I am proud and happy to report that I fell for all five April Fool’s jokes in the last Nie bar one.
That Jarosław Kaczynski paid a state visit to the US instead of his (identical twin) brother and president of Poland, Lech? Sure, why not?
That Minister Wasserman wanted to drain a lake in memory of Pope John Paul II?
That you can buy a paint that, applied to your car, eludes detection by police radars? Yes, I fell for that too, though in my defence, I assumed the paint didn’t work – only that people believed it did and were buying it.
That no ducks had died of H5N1 in Poland yet? Well, why wouldn’t you believe it? (There’s a complicated pun here on the word for duck and the names Kaczyński and Donald Tusk of the PO.)
That Andrzej Lepper, populist peasant leader, actually comes from an aristocratic background? Real life loves irony no less than writers.

Nothing is too absurd for Polish politics and life not to be true.

British public life is more staid, or perhaps its journalists less inventive, because all the Guardian could manage was a story that Chris Martin from Coldplay had gone Tory. Naturally I fell for that too. I’d have been a fool not to.

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