TMO: Andrew Lawless

Andrew Lawless is the founding editor of Three Monkeys Online. Originally from Dublin, but now based in Bologna, Italy, Andrew is a regular contributor to the magazine with a particular interest in literature, politics and music. He also runs Bodu Web Design, a web development company.

TMO Articles by Andrew Lawless

Lacuna Coil – in interview

Lacuna Coil have, in recent years, become that rarest of rare things – an internationally succesful Italian band. Their debut, and second albums were received with glowing reviews by music magazines across Europe, including in the UK and Ireland. They have toured extensively, with bands of the stature of Anthrax and Type-o-negative. They are about […]

Holy Cross – The Dilemmas of docudrama

I’m late turning up for the interview, thanks to the summer time clock change, but director Mark Brozel is unfazed and welcoming. He’s quietly spoken and pensive throughout the interview, often pausing to reflect on the answers, to give them due weight. His film Holy Cross received an enthusiastic reception at the fourth international Human […]

The Multi-Culturalist. William Dalrymple in interview with Three Monkeys Online Magazine.

William Dalrymple is a hard man to pin down, as befits an award winning travel/history writer who has written about the Middle East, Asia and in particular India. A couple of tentative interview arrangements are scuppered through travel plans – but when we finally manage to get hold of him, the conversation is well worth […]

The Shaman from Harvard – Wade Davis in interview

At a push, if one had to suggest one book, and one book alone, on South America – that would cover History, Politics, Culture and Society, and yet be a startlingly good read, with a dose of botany thrown in for good measure, there can only be one recommendation – One River by Wade Davis. […]

Therapy? – in interview with Three Monkeys Online

(Editor’s note – this email interview was conducted before news broke that long time Therapy? member, Martin McCarrick was leaving the band) Recently, while browsing through the web-site for famous Amsterdam club The Paradiso, I stumbled upon a live broadcast of Therapy? I watched intrigued, as it’s been some years since I’d seen anything from […]

Without a voice. Dublin band Steerage turn to the tunes.

Steerage’s recently released e.p smash them all to bits has received critical acclaim from a number of quarters (Three Monkeys Online included). Fearing the worst, after all a band without a singer must surely have little to say for themselves, Andrew Lawless was pleasantly surprised when he caught up with the band for Three Monkeys […]

Judge Savage?- Tim Parks in Interview

Tim Parks is a prodigious writer – with widely acclaimed novels, several books of observation on Italy and the Italians, not to mention his insightful literary criticism. His latest work Judge Savage has predictably enough divided critics, and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Joseph Brodsky labelled him “Frankly, the best British author working today., […]

The Dante Club – Matthew Pearl talks to ThreeMonkeys

Matthew Pearl has hit success with his very first novel The Dante Club. Pearl had received an award from The Dante Society of America prior to writing his debut novel, and has just co-edited a new edition of Longfellow’s influential, first American translation of Dante’s Divine Commedy. Though highly accomplished (he’s also a law graduate […]

American Gothic – Josh Ritter brings his brand of Americana to Europe

Dressed in a suit, with sneakers, and a distracted but amiable air, Josh Ritter is delighted to be in Italy. In fact Ritter seems delighted full stop. And so he should be, with critical acclaim being heaped upon his second release proper Hello Starling, and a series of European shows playing support to Joan Baez, […]

The Euro – Friend or Foe?

The Euro two years on. The growth and stability pact shattered, and prices rising – the single European Currency is a friend or foe? Twelve countries in Europe have now had over two years experience of living with the European Single Currency. Not only does the currency have an impact on prices and trade within […]