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Welcome to My World–but only if you buy the hardcover.

I spent last weekend Liverpool–the absence of postings this week can be partially explained by the fact that I was there for my brother’s stag party. 

The quote of the weekend was innocently uttered by a member of our party while watching Saturday’s Liverpool-Man U clash in a cavernous drinking emporium somewhere off the main shopping district.

A Liverpool goal had just been disallowed for off-side. We looked over and saw a fellow “viewer”–a cuboid individual who seemed to be vacuum-packed into his T-shirt and khakis–fall to the ground and literally writhe on the carpet in dismay.

“They take their football quite seriously here, don’t they?” observed our stagee, guilelessly…

Incidentally, a sign that the apocalypse is well overdue could be spotted outside the Liverpool branch of Waterstone’s.  Coleen McLoughlin, Asda model and girlfriend of footballer Wayne Rooney, is scheduled to plug her book, Welcome to My World, this Saturday. Please note, however, that “Signing time is discretionary.”