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ELO – Mr Blue Sky

Imagine the scene: The revolutionary court stands to order as its three women judges enter. There’s a tension in the air, the atmosphere is electric, as the accused stands in all his fuzzy-faced glory. There was a time in the mid-eighties when all you could hear on the radio had his reverbed vocals, and now he stands up to face judgement on his past.

This is the man who managed to take George Harrison, Bob Dylan, and Roy Orbison and make them all sound like Dave Edmunds. A man whose production footprint brooked no opposition, taking genius and cramming it into his own particular grinder.

A verdict is expected – given the harsh sentences handed out by the same court respectively to Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange and Timothy Z. ‘Timbaland’ Mosley, it’s not looking good for the British born songwriter/producer.

The judge stands

“Jeffrey Lynne, this court has listened to persuasive arguments that you should be banned, under section 2.5 of the revolutionary code (crimes against culture), for ever more from the act of playing or recording music, in particular for your work on Free as a Bird, the Travelling Wilburys, and that solo single by the blonde from ABBA. Do you have anything to say in  your defence?”

“I wrote Mr Blue Sky

“Fair Enough. Case dismissed”.


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