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Danger is my business – Mr Danger


Sweet jesus, what is this man singing about??? Supersize is one of the most immediate, in-your-face, slices of dirty rock-funk that’s been slapped (like a red and raw herring) in my face this side of ever, and I’m hooked. I’m also damned if I’ve the faintest idea what these demented spaniards are on about. I know they’re not happy with consumer culture, and they play like demons – and when the chorus hits in, it’s like Ministry colliding with Electric Six, to interesting effect. Put me up against a wall and force me to give a one-word verdict on Supersize and I’ll nervously shout back ‘BRILLIANT!’.

The band are a three-piece (though it sounds like there’s twenty of them) from Barcellona. All are session musicians, including J.A Mato, the drummer from one of 3monkeys favourite Spanish bands Macaco. Now session musician usually conjures up the idea of jazz, stools, and considered licks and chops performed at an hourly rate that makes record companies watch the clock. They may well be that in their day jobs, but Mr Danger, after dark no doubt, are a different beast. This is all distorted ranted (and frequently demented) singing against powerful bass-dominated rythms. It’s also so brilliantly different from any other shit I’ve been spoon-fed lately that it’s made my day!

Super Size Me is not destined to be McDonalds next jingle, but it will certainly become a festival favourite wherever these guys play.

Hard Love is, to put it politely, a filthy song – but manages to get away with its caveman lyrics through a brilliant tune that sounds like it was drawn up by U2 and Max Cavalera back when he was in Sepultura trying to come up with some common ground. They get by on the Macho lyrics, partly because of the irony (intended or not) admitting happily that this hard love helps the singer reach ‘Heaven in a second’. On the down side, no song in the history of recorded music has sounded better with the addition of Meg-Ryan style female moans. It’s not big, clever, or funny, and in this case ruins a great tune.

Oh my god, my phone!!! is brilliant, particularly for the moment when they change tempo and gently croon ‘so I can live without my phone’ before slamming back mercilessly into the deranged chorus of ‘Oh my god my phone, where is it’.

But, without a doubt, the star of the show is that demented beast Supersize me. Foot-tapping (an essential pre-requisite for greatness), strange, and deliriously brilliant. I’ve always wondered how a dancing dervish feels, when they reach that moment of trance when words become mantra, and the spirit accedes to God. Now, mumbling something about ‘YOU KNOW WHAT A WASTE IS THE TASTE OF THE MIGHTY SUPERCHIKEN

you are the one who spend on,

yeah everyone needs make up!!,


EVERYBODY WANT’S IT!!!,” I finally know. Taste it at your peril.

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