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Shopping in London. 7 Tips from a personal shopper.

An interview with Personal Shopper Andrea Talha

In 2015 a record breaking 31.5 million people visited London as tourists, and amongst the attractions of museums, monuments, sporting events and entertainment, shopping is without doubt one of the highlights for many tourists visiting London. With its world-famous landmark stores like Harrods and Selfridges, and iconic shopping streets like Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street, very few tourists visit London and return home empty-handed.

According to a recent report by the Uk Government, “For overseas shoppers, London is associated with high-end, luxury goods, fashion and designer clothing, and is seen to have ‘the latest of everything’”, but London also has some serious disadvantages for shopping. The same report concludes that London is perceived to be an expensive city, with little value for money.

London can be expensive, certainly, and if you head out without some planning you’re likely to find plenty of poor value for money buys, but armed with insider knowledge London is still one of the very best cities in the world to go shopping in. TMO caught up with a London personal shopper, Andrea Talha to get some professional tips on how to get the best out of shopping in London.

Get Out and About Early

If you are shopping in central London always get to the shops early as you can have them to yourself until about 12.30 usually. In the morning most shops are calm and well organized, but by 12.30 you can be queuing for a changing room!

Department Stores save time

Choose a department store (and London has some of the best in the world!), as then you can mix from all kinds of brands under one roof to create your outfits.

You don’t always have to go off the beaten track

Oxford street is still the best location in London if you need to achieve a lot in a short time. It usually has the best new selection of stock and selection of brands, and if you can’t find your size in something that you love you’ll find it in another store very nearby.

Don’t lug heavy bags around

One of the things that will tire you out, and drain your enthusiasm is carrying around heavy bags. Lots of London stores offer a bag drop service where you can leave your shopping bags with items bought from them, so you can be free to shop in other locations without lugging your heavy bags around.

Be smart in the changing rooms

In most London shops you can’t take more than 6-7 items of clothing into a changing room. Dn’t be put off by this. Collect more and have the changing room adviser keep them for you. Then you can do a swap over of items -there is nothing worse than having to go in and out of changing rooms a million times! I often have around thirty items for my clients to try on, so this method saves precious time & energy.

Branch out off the high streets

Make the most of your trip to London and go to areas that are often less visited like Shoredich, Notting Hill, Primrose Hill, Brick lane, Fulham road and Chiswick. You’ll see more of the city and find great shops that have a different selection of labels you don’t see on the major high streets of London.

Wander the back streets

You may be pushed for time on your trip, and want to stay in central London, but don’t let that confine you to just the main shopping streets (great as they are!). Its great to walk around the streets that lead off and are behind the main shopping ones, like bond, oxford and regent street – the not so important shopping streets have unique gems of shops that you’d never notice if you stay on the major streets all the time.