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Trieste’s beaches

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Trieste is famous for lots of things, but its beaches are not really one of them. The city is, after all, an important industrial port, and the coastline in this part of Italy is largely rocky and sandless.

That’s the common wisdom, but it fails to take into account the profound and dramatic relationship that Trieste holds with the sea; during the summer months locals in Trieste go to the seaside, whether it be simply taking a swim in the centre of the city at the famous Diga, the small artificial island facing Piazza Unita d’Italia, or the famous Pedocin baths (where by tradition, there’s a wall that separates men and women…), or further afield along the coast line where there are various free beaches and beach clubs.

Here are some of the main beach/bathing spots around Trieste.

Le Ginestre

Situated about 15km outside Trieste, in the direction of Monfalcone, this stretch of white pebble beach offers a beautiful view of the gulf of Trieste, and is one of the most picturesque spots to take a dive into the cooling waters of the Adriatic. There’s a regular bus that passes from Monfalcone to Trieste and vice-versa. The beach, like many in Italy, is licenced to an operator, so you’ll need to hire an umbrella but it’s worth it. The beach takes its name from the Ginestre trees (Broom) that shade the beach.

I Topolini

Like many of the bathing spots in Trieste, this is an artificial terrace rather than beach, but this is a very popular spot with locals, and easily reached with either the #6 or #36 bus. The terraces offer changing rooms, and various services, while entrance is free.

Bagno da Sticco

The Bagno di Sticco is a bathing facility situated on the rocks near the impressive Castello Miramare, and so provides a handy spot to combine a visit to the castle and a bit of sunbathing/swimming.

Naturist beaches

There are a number of free and famous Naturist beaches just outside Trieste. Filtri, Liburnia and the Costa dei Barbari.