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When is the best time to visit Mantua?

From the TMO Mantua City Guide

One of the common questions that we get, for our Mantua travel guide, is when is the best time to visit the city? It’s a difficult question to answer, because, in general it comes down to personal preferences.

In terms of climate, Mantova shares a common climate found across Northern Italy on the Po river plain. During the winter it’s cold, damp and often foggy – which can be off-putting for some, or spectacular for others. There’s certainly a certain amount of charm seeing the towers and church spires of the city rising out of the fog (nebbia in Italian) as you approach the city over the famous Ponte di San Giorgio (the causeway road that bridges the artificial lakes in front of the city).

During the Summer months the opposite is true – it’s hot and humid, though generally a couple of degrees cooler than some of the other nearby cities. The hottest month is usually July with an average temperature of 23°. While the Summer is certainly hot, the city centre is shaded and small, making it easy to get around, with many major sites in close proximity to each other. Also, during the summer months most domestic tourism in Italy heads either to the Mountains or the coast, leaving cities like Mantua relatively uncrowded.

One key moment in the city’s tourist calendar is the Literary Festival which usually takes place at the start of September. This is Italy’s most important literary festival, and so when it is on the city’s accomodation fills up quickly. The festival itself plays host to a massive list of Italian and International writers, with readings, discussions and public events taking place around the city. If literature isn’t your thing, it’s best to avoid the city in this period. If you’re an avid reader, though, this is a brilliant time to visit the city.